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Waynesville Salt Room

Halotherapy in Waynesville is right here in Downtown

Halotherapy in Waynesville is right here in Downtown

Halotherapy in Waynesville is right here in DowntownHalotherapy in Waynesville is right here in Downtown

Waynesville Salt Room

State-of-the Art Facility

Our Salt Room
Our  salt room, or halochamber, is specially designed to improve breathing, skin appearance and mood.  The walls and floor are covered in salt.   The salt features are decorative, but they also have practical functions.   They assist in maintaining temperature, humidity, and hypo-bacterial conditions for delivery of Halotherapy, and absorb sound.   The salt on the walls and floor also fill the room with negative ions.

Our salt room is an active  halochamber with a constant relative air humidity of 40-60% and  constant air temperature of 65-73°F.  These parameters are comfortable and ideal conditions for the delivery of Halotherapy. 

The pure salt environment in combination with comfortable zero-gravity chairs, soft illumination, and spa music create a peaceful atmosphere where it's easy to relax and let the stress melt away while gently detoxifying the respiratory system and skin.

Our halochamber is equipped with a  state-of-the-art Halomed Halogenerator designed by Dr. Alina Chervinskaya, the leading expert in Halotherapy. The Halogenerator, a specialized nebulizer, grinds pharmaceutical grade dry sodium chloride (USP salt) into aerosol particles of 1-5 microns in size. 

The Halogenerator has a  microprocessor that monitors and maintains the temperature, relative  humidity and mass concentration of aerosol in the chamber.   The  concentration of dry salt aerosol can be adjusted to the most beneficial concentration for each condition.  For a list of common conditions, the dosage protocols used, and the number of recommended treatments, go to this page.

After each Halotherapy session, the air in the room is completely vented to the outside and new air is pumped into the room in preparation for a new treatment session. 

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To learn more about how Halotherapy can help you, just call us at 828.246.0788 with any questions or to schedule a session.