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32 Montgomery St, Waynesville, NC 28786


Waynesville Salt Room

Halotherapy in Waynesville is right here in Downtown

Halotherapy in Waynesville is right here in Downtown

Halotherapy in Waynesville is right here in DowntownHalotherapy in Waynesville is right here in Downtown


Dosage & Number of Treatments


We use the recommended studied dosage and duration depending on the conditions of the session's participants.  The recommended initial number of treatments for studied conditions are listed here. 

INDICATION                                                            # OF TREATMENTS
Asthma (allergic)                                                                       12-14

Asthma (FEV1>60%)                                                              14-18
Asthma (FEV1<60%)                                                              18-21
Chronic obstructive bronchitis (FEV1>60%)           14-18
                                                                    (FEV1<60%)             18-21

Allergic rhinitis (runny nose)                                              12-14
Chronic non-obstructive bronchitis                              12-14
Chronic recurrent bronchitis                                             12-14
Smokers Cough                                                                           12-14
Acute upper airway viral infection                                     5-7
Bronchiectatic disease                                                            20-25
Cystic Fibrosis                                                                              20-25
Chronic rhinitis                                                                            12-14
Chronic pharyngitis                                                                   12-14
Tonsillitis                                                                                          12-14
Chronic sinusitis                                                                          12-14
Acute sinusitis                                                                                    5
Atopic dermatitis, Neurodermatitis                                 12-18
Psoriasis                                                                                            12-18
Purulent skin infections                                                           12-18
Healing of post surgery scars                                               12-18
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity                                              12-14
Sick building syndrome                                                            12-14
Contact with industrial and household chemicals   12-14

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