INTERNET SPECIAL! 3 Sessions for $99

32 Montgomery St, Waynesville, NC 28786


Waynesville Salt Room

Halotherapy in Waynesville is right here in Downtown




“I am an asthmatic and have been struggling since moving here from FL.  I was using my rescue inhaler 2-3 times daily for almost two weeks.  Started going to the salt room daily and barely ever use it now. It also helps with my allergies. I can’t praise this enough.  Anyone benefits from doing sessions.  It’s also very relaxing.”

Valerie G. – Waynesville, NC

“The salt room makes me feel so good!”

Della F. – Maggie Valley, NC

“Before coming to the salt room, my nose would just drip all the time.  I got relief after my first session and have going regularly since.”

Margaret B. – Waynesville, NC

“I have been coming to the salt room for my COPD.  My breathing has improved considerably.  I am able to things now that would have winded me in the past.  My doctor is also impressed with how much better my lungs are.”

Helen B. – Franklin, NC

“My husband and I have been coming to the salt room and look forward to every session.  It makes us breath better, it’s relaxing, gives us energy, and we enjoy doing this together.”

Joyce P. – Maggie Valley, NC

“I was battling a stuffy nose and runny nose along with occasional depression until I started going to the salt room.  At the end of every session, I feel like I can take on the world!”

Pat M. – Maggie Valley, NC