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State-of the-Art Facility

We employ the newest technology to deliver the highest quality Halotherapy.  Our salt room is a micro-environment that mimics the salt caves in Poland - only better!  The use of high-tech equipment allows complete control of the salt room environment.  

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Natural Relief

Halotherapy is a natural, safe, effective and drug-free treatment for a multitude of conditions. Breathing salt air cleans the lungs and skin, reduces inflammation, and is very relaxing.  People report feeling refreshed and energized after a session.  

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Salt Lamps Work

Beautiful Himalayan salt lamps clean the air in your environment and improve your mood. We have a great selection of unique and natural quality lamps in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. 

 Learn more about salt lamps and how they work.

We also have pharmaceutical salt available in 2lb. bags.  Use in bath, for cleaning, natural weed control and many other uses.  For a list of 100 uses for salt  CLICK HERE

Unlimited Plans

The Gift of Health

Unlimited Plans


Unlimited Plans are perfect for those who want to enjoy the salt room often.  These plans start at just $149/month.

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Unlimited Plans


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The Gift of Health

The Gift of Health

The Gift of Health


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Breathe Better Now

Breathe Better Now

The Gift of Health


Our clients report feeling better after their very first session!  From improved breathing to deeper sleep, clients love to share the benefits they receive and we love to hear it!

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In the News

Breathe Better Now

Clinical Study


ABC News 13 visited the Waynesville Salt Room for this Carolina Moment!  See what our clients say and read the articles about us in the Smoky Mountain News & The Mountaineer.

Clinical Study

Breathe Better Now

Clinical Study


Halotherapy (known as HT) has been well-studied and is an accepted treatment for respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis and cystic fibrosis.  Read  "Halotherapy for Treatment of Respiratory Disease" - Journal of Aerosol Medicine , 1995.

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